CSE Data

Terry, we are using the Premium Stock & Forex Market Widgets plugin to powers the ALTERRA website with beautifully crafted financial widgets that display FOREX quotes and stock market data from many exchanges around the world. This is the best tool in it’s class and is used on a wide range of business-oriented websites – from news media and financial blogs to asset management firms and publicly traded companies.

I’ve included a tiny sample below the “Key Features” section showing the myriad data and display options available with this plugin

Key features –


The plugin supports FOREX and many exchanges around the globe, including, but not limited to: NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Exchange.


Intraday (delayed) and historical quotes, key statistics (such as number of shares, market capitalization, dividend rate and yield, earnings per share etc), publicly traded company information, stock exchanges, RSS news feeds.


The plugin supports stocks, stock indexes, currency pairs (FOREX), cryptocurrencies(major coins against USD), commodity futures, exchange traded funds (ETF), mutual funds and US Treasury bonds.


Dozens of unique hand crafted widget templates. Ability to choose any color for smooth integration into your website. Compatible with all modern browsers. Responsive on mobiles and tablets.


Static text strings (such as table column titles) can be translated to any language. Numbers and dates can be displayed using a format of your choice.


It’s possible to make the plugin automatically generate and display virtual asset pages (check these sample pages: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft) when some generic URL containing the asset symbol is requested (e.g. https://yourwebsite.com/stocks/). The content of such virtual pages can be edited in the backend and can include any number of widgets.

Samples of Display and Data Options

[stock_market_widget type="table-companies" template="basic" assets="MSFT,AAPL,FB" fields="logo_name,industry,sector,employees_count,website" display_header="true" pagination="true" search="false" rows_per_page="5" sort_field="logo_name" sort_direction="asc" alignment="left" api="yf"]
[stock_market_widget type="chart" template="basic" color="#5679FF" assets="TSLA" range="1mo" interval="1d" axes="true" cursor="true" range_selector="true" api="yf"]
[stock_market_widget type="card-news" template="basic" feed="https://cointelegraph.com/rss" skip="0" limit="6" style="font-size: 10pt;" api="news"]